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Dryer Repair Services in Hamilton, Burlington and surrounding areas

A dryer is one of the most used appliances in any home. As a result of constant wear and tear, the need to get your dryer repaired is inevitable. Get your dryer repaired by a trusted and experienced technician with Appliance Same Day Service.

Avoid Any Dryer Hazards

We understand that a dryer can be a winter-favorite appliance in many homes. However, overheated dryers can often be the cause of serious accidents. In order to avoid any such hazards or hassle, trust our experienced technicians for your dryer repairs. If you think that your dryer is not functioning properly, do not overlook it. We respond quickly, reach you promptly, and help prevent any such hazards from happening.

Smell Something Funny?

Dryers can also become dangerous in case of any gas leaks or when the lint has clogged tubes. If you smell something funny from your dryer, give us a call and our technicians will reach you as soon as possible. With regular maintenance, you can also increase the efficiency of your dryers, thereby delaying the need of having to buy a new one. Get in touch with us and we will restore your dryer to its perfect working condition.

Looking for a Dryer Repair Technician?

Are you facing some issues with your dryer? Given the temperature, hanging your clothes to dry them is not a convenient and practical option. Instead, just give the technicians at Appliance Same Day Service a call. We understand the inconvenience that a broken-down dryer can bring. Our technicians reach you as soon as possible and get you back to your routine in no time.

Read What Our past Clients Have to Say


No Fuss, No Mess

"My dryer stopped working and things were warming up. I placed the call at 11 am. The technician was there at 12:30, diagnosed the problem, replaced the faulty parts and had it all up and running by 1:30. No fuss, no mess, and reasonable cost. Great service, I will call them again!"

A satisfied client

Get Your Dryers Repaired

Don’t ignore the funny smell from your dryer. Get it fixed today with us!

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