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Tried and Trusted Appliance Repairs Across Hamilton

You can count on us for reliable appliance repairs across Hamilton, Burlington and the surrounding areas. At Appliance Same Day Repair, customer satisfaction is a top priority in every project we undertake.

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Your feedback helps us improve our services and motivates us to do better. Read the testimonials from some of our previous clients.

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Customer review

Punctual and Timely Service

I did not want to risk electric shock from my oven, so I contacted this home appliance repair service. I explained to the punctual technician that my oven wasn’t turning on. He was able to identify the issue after some troubleshooting and did the oven repair quickly!


Nguyen Quoc trung -01/10/2019

Customer review

Highly Recommend Them

My dishwasher did not fill with water, and I could not find the reason why. I asked a professional technician to check why it worked that way, and thankfully, he also offered to have the dishwasher repaired on the same day. I highly recommend Same Day Appliance Repair Hamilton for their technician and their appliance services.


Isbk Kshc -01/10/2019

Customer review

Quick and Efficient Services

The office refrigerator has been underperforming lately so much that we began to worry that our food would get spoiled. We called in a technician to take a look. Not only did he discover the source of the problem, but he also fixed it with careful repairs. Quick and efficient appliance work done well!



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