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Washing Machine Repairs In Hamilton, Burlington and surrounding areas

Our team is readily available to handle washer repairs of almost all major brands and models. If your washing machine is not starting or finishing the cycle, won't spin, or has a water leak, call us and we will fix it right away!

Say Goodbye to a Dysfunctional Washing Machine

If your washing machine is not draining or spinning properly, is not washing your clothes well, or is leaking too much, do not delay and get it fixed today! Ignoring these problems can cause you to buy a new washing machine, leaving a hole in your pocket. Appliance Same Day Service can quickly and efficiently repair your washing machine. We troubleshoot your washers, bring replacement parts with ourselves, and get the job done right in one day.

Save Money in the Long Run

If you cannot recall the last time you had your washing machine serviced, chances are, you should get it checked today. As with any appliance, regular maintenance is imperative. With washing machines, maintenance becomes a necessity as replacing them is very expensive. If your washing machine is giving you any troubles, call us and we will repair it within hours. If you regularly fix your washer problems as they come, you will be able to save money by extending the washing machine’s lifespan.

Fast and Efficient Repairs

Look no further than Appliance Same Day Service to get yourself fast, reliable, and efficient washer repair services. Regardless of the model or make of your washing machine, we have got you covered. All you have to do is give us a call, and we will have a technician coming your way in no time.

Read What Our past Clients Have to Say


On Time, Honest, Affordable

"Just had a super nice guy come and fix my washing machine.... I live in a condo so my washer and dryer are stacked and in a very tight laundry closet .... he had to pull it out and wrestle with it, then squeeze himself behind the units to fix it.... the whole time extremely polite and explained everything to me... I didn't have to wait all day for him to arrive, and the best part is the price was very reasonable! A lot less than I expected .... I highly recommend this company! Very reliable and in my opinion honest company ... great job guys thank you "


Get Your Washing Machine Repaired

Get over that pile of dirty clothes today and have your washer repaired!

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